Berlin-Brandenburg abroad Society

As a nonprofit educational institution BBAG since its inception in 1991, one for all citizens open, democratic and pluralistic organization that is politically and ideologically independent active .
The aim of BBAG is to promote transnational and intercultural encounter and education and partnership . Play a special role in the relations with our neighbors and the European integration.
BBAG promotes lifelong learning and creative and makes age specific as intergenerational opportunities, especially in the field of political education and the language sector.
We provide assistance to immigrants through integration courses , social care, vocational training and promotion of their self-organization.
BBAG is recognized sponsor of continuing education by he Brandenburg education law and recognized integration courses of the covenant.
BBAG is a signatory to the ┬źDiversity Charter . ┬╗
BBAG represents a unique region in the range of intercultural initiatives related to education , encounter and integration.




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