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Video from Barcelona

Build the 3D printer is a delicate operation. We need to take care with a lot of wires.

Final evaluation from Barcelona

DECLIC ACTIVITIES – at local level – Final Evaluation

The project requires local activities undertaken by your own organisation. The aim of the project is to include local learners and trainees, staff and local companies.

1.1 Do you feel that you know enough about the project goals in order to organise these events? If not, what could you do to improve this?

Yes. We know and feel good with the project goals. But always meet people who also know these topics to learn more.
1.2 Who do you involve when organising these activities?
We involve our team, and staff of CEPS. Also, parents of the learners and teachers and principals of the neighbors schools.
1.3 How do you document these activities?
We have pictures and flyers.
1.4 Do you communicate your Declicin activities to the outside world, if not, why not?

If you do, how do you do this?
We are working on sns because we think is a very nice channel to communicate with our target people. We have blog (, twitter (@makerconvent), facebook ( Also, we move all information in traditional channels like, flyers, publications, posters, and conferences and seminars.



The objective of this project is to address the lack of desire from many young learners, especially female, to engage in vocational technical training and to work in production companies. We are interested to hear in what the impact has been so far on learners, staff and your organisation. Please describe in your own words. In the final report you will be asked to evaulate their language skills, ICT skills, Social skills, vocational skills, motivation, self-confidence, knowledge about partner countries and cultures.


2.1 What is the impact so far on pupils, learners/trainees?
The impact is high. We have a change from the begin to his point. In reference to learners, they improve skills and knowledge and this is growing in the number of projects developeds linked to the goals of the project. The project is a new point to think, create and learn from a different point of view.


2.2 What is the impact so far on teachers and staff?
The impact is high. The teachers depart from a technical, structural and building goal, and change to more dinamic and motivating work together with the learners.


2.3 If applicable – can you describe if any changes have been made so far to the

  • training programme – first time to be developped, but we think to repeat the experience.
  • organisation arrangements – We have created a space specifically for this activity
  • organisation of management – We had to organize differently the activities of the cultural center where the project is located.
  • changes in language teaching policy – only introduce materials in different lenguages.
  • increased cooperation among the staff – yes, we need this for a good work.


2.4 If applicable – can you describe if the partnership has had an impact so far om the local community? Please think of cooperation with other local organisations and other local companies.

At this moment the project have the collaboration of the Ajuntament de Barcelona (City Council). And we stay in contact for next projects with the Old Town Residents Association and the Association of elderly neighborhood.


The programme of a partner meeting is usually a combination of presentation of local partner, project meetings, visits to local partners and or places of interest and an evening programme.

3.1 What have you found most useful in the partner meetings?
We think the most useful of the partner meetings was to meet the reality and conditions of developing the project by the local partner.

3.2 What did you find most interesting in the partner meetings so far?
We think important the debate around the goals and find the similar problems and how are solved.

3.3 What is for you the added value of attending a partner meeting?
The meetings are very important for communicate, debate and transfer knowledge.

3.4 Do you have any suggestions, ideas for the next partner meeting?
No suggestions.



All partners involved in the project speak a different language. We now have organised two meetings, one in France and one in Belgium. Conversations were held in French, English, German and Dutch.

4.1 How can we improve the effectiveness of our meeting and make sure everybody is involved in the conversations? (translator, only speaking in English, only speaking in mother tongue etc)
Talk all languages is complicated. The English was the lingua franca for the meetings, but in some cases we need to explain in French or German some points.

4.2 What is your preferred method of communicating with other partners? (meetings, email, skype, phone call etc).
We prefer the meetings, email and if is necessary skype.

4.3 Do you use Springpad to document your activities and findings?

If not, can you please explain why?
Yes, we think a good platform to exchange knowledge with the partners and information related to the goals of the project.

4.4 Are you well informed of Declic related partner activities?

If not, please explain how this could be improved.
Yes, we agree and have a clear idea about the different experiences developed for the partners locally.

final evaluation_ceps (PDF)

Females vs males in 3D printing

Partners have analysed the presence of  females vs males in the 3D printing activities organised in the Declic’In workshops. They have exchanged on the possible ways to develop the participation of girls and women.

The result as a well as some tips are available here:

Participation of females in Declic’In


Summary of printing experiences

Partners in Delic’In have made a summary of their experience of printing different objects with learners.

The collection of experiences is available in one document:

Declic’In – Printing 3D objects – compendium of experiences

Building a 3D printer – Compendium of experiences

Partners in Delic’In have made a summary of their experience in assembling different 3D printers with learners.

The collection of experiences is available in one document:

Declic’In – Building a 3D printer compendium of experiences