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Intermediate evaluation

Documentation about the intermediate evaluation of the project.

All partners feel that they know enough about the project goals in order to organise events at a local level. During the second partner meeting in Mons, goals were made much clearer and events can be organised more in lign with the project goals.
CEPS feels that extra communication between the partners may be useful to clarify small matters in between partner meetings.

Anexo_5_Intermediary_Evaluation_April_Summary (PDF)

Evaluation of skills knowledge acquired in Declic’in

A short evaluation grid is proposed for evaluating skills knowledge and attitudes acquired used and developed when participating in 3D workshops. It format is planed in two steps. It is given to the learner with the instruction to colour the cells of the first line until it corresponds to his/her estimated level. The second line is completed after the workshops, in discussion with the trainer.

Evaluation of skills knowledge acquired in Declic’in