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5th and Final Meeting in Potsdam

All partners are involved in prepare the final report, and collect all information about the local projects.

1. how to build a 3D printer
2. 3 objects
3. how to motivate learners to work in the technical sector
4. video showing the build process
5. Skills / Attitude / Knowledge
6. Development of links with the industry (method & experiences)
7. Actions to include girls
8. other communication activities


Barcelona meeting

On 18 and 19 february 2013, partners have been welcome by CEPS in Barcelona. We have visited the Maker’s convent, we have met female learners who had participated to the building of the 3D printer and who are now involved in making small objects. They could have some exchanges with learners coming from Timelab. All together we had a hands-on session in the lab.


We have also visited MOB a co-working space and a make space.


Available for downloading:

Agenda of Declic’in Barcelona meeting

Report of Declic’in Barcelona meeting

Meeting in Wageningen

On 7 and 8 october 2013, Declic’In partners have met in Wageningen in the Netherlands. We have visited a day care project «Aan de Skag» that has involved patients in the building of the 3D printer. The printer choosen is an Ultimaker. We have decided on a common format to document the choice of our respective printers.


Available for download:

Agenda of Wageningen meeting

Report of Wageningen meeting

Format for documenting the printer choice

French and Spanish learners in Timelab

On 6 and 7 september 2013, three French learners together with a trainer from Greta and learners from Spain have practiced in Timelab. They have manipulated 3D printers that did not know yet, the Ultimakers from Timelab, they have also participated on printing T-shirts.

They have taken pictures and made a full report (in French) when they came back to le Puy.

Some pictures:

Gand 6

Gand 1

Gand 2

Gand 3

Meeting in Mons

On 3 and 4th of April, Droit et Devoir has organised the second project meeting. We have met learners and trainers who have assembled 2 printers, model Rapman 3.2. A press conference has been organised and an interview has been arranged  on the morning information program of the national radio RTBF. Droit et Devoir has made a presentation on motivation.

Available for downloading:

Presentation on motivation

Agenda Declic’in meeting – Mons

Report Declic’in meeting – Mons

Press articles about the meeting:


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